Passion Blog Playing Zombies

Nyler Acasio, head reporter

If any of you gamers have played any of the call of duty black ops series or world at war (call of duty’s produced by Treyarch Studios) you must have played the zombies mode. I personally love the zombies mode over the campaign and multiplayer. It is maybe because I am bad at competitive first person shooting or I just love slaying zombies. My first time playing Call of Duty zombies was when I was young and at a cousin’s house and got to play my first zombies map on black ops one, “Kino Der Toten.” (German “Cinema of the Dead”) I couldn’t play any of the other DLC maps for zombies (downloadable content) because my cousin didn’t buy them, but I did get to play the other 2 free maps like “Five” where you are in the Pentagon in D.C as either John. F Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon or Robert McNamara. The story behind the map is that the zombies outbreak had just gotten into the Pentagon while the 4 political figures were talking about the Cuban missile crisis. And the other map, if you want to call it that, is Dead Ops Arcade, an arcade game like game mode where you kill zombies in a bird’s eye view gameplay. 

But this wasn’t how I got into zombies. Again, when I was young I was gifted an Xbox 360 console by my older brother when he switched to the Playstation 3. I had a few games but not a single Call of Duty game. One time at Gamestop, I begged my mom to get me the latest call of duty in the shop and that was Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the sequel to Black Ops 1. So I got the game and the first game mode I played was of course zombies. The only zombies pack for free was Green Run that had the map Tranzit. But Tranzit is a unique zombies map. It is a map with 5 small maps together with a bus that moves from place to place. 3 out of the 5 places (Bus Depot, Farm and Town) can be played on their own either in Survival or Grief (4v4 last team standing mode). All I did was play town survival and the occasional Tranzit map itself with my best friend. And to this day I still play zombies.