The Pinion Podcast Volume 1 Episode 1



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Sean Willem: Good afternoon tigers, my name is Sean Willem A. Giron, and i’m here with  Shane Kaneshiro, Cheska Orias, and Juliana Rodden, for we are the main hosts. As of today, January 13, 2023, McKinley Highschools newspaper introduces the ‘paw’dcast. Our mission is very similar to our Pinion. In this podcast we strive to provide and maintain accurate, entertaining, and informative news for students, staff, and alumni of McKinley High School.

Juliana: If you’re wondering why we call this a ‘Paw’dcast instead of a podcast, we wanted our podcast to somehow have a connection to our school and we decided to incorporate the tigers paw into the title thus creating the Pawdcast.

Cheska: Actually this Pawdcast originally started as a joke between me, Juliana, and Sean, but the more we talked about it, the more we were determined to make this dream a reality. With the help of our advisor, Ms. Reves, we were able to acquire our equipment through donors choose, while our editor in chief, Shane, keeps us in check.

Shane: So now onto the news!

Sean Willem: For the ones who use the school guest wifi, have you noticed that you can’t use it anymore? a recent statewide policy change has been enforced at McKinley High school on January 3, 2023, which was just the schools teacher work day. It was said that students had devices that had malicious software that would connect into the school WiFi, causing a lot of problems. in which the Department of Education couldn’t afford to fix anymore. As said by Mr. Ron Okamura, our school Principal, the Department of Education doesn’t like outside or personal devices to be used in school. On another note, this wasn’t a new law. Mr. Okamura said that McKinley Just bent  the rules for a while before the DOE stepped in to strictly enforce it.

This poses a problem to those who rely on school WiFi to do their work, as usually students who prefer to use personal devices don’t have good hotspots to connect to the internet. Even in News Writing class one of my friends is struggling with using their hot spot when they could have used the guest WiFi.

Shane: Reminders Tigers! Don’t forget, we need to have our I.D.’s out next week, it is now mandatory for all!

Shane: News on student government, by Cheska!

Cheska: Why hello there Tigers, Cheska Orias here delivering news about the student government! For our executive student council they are working hard on planning for the hall of honors assembly. Also, keep an eye out on each grade level’s student government as they are working hard to provide activities to you all.

Shane: Club updates for Juliana!

Juliana: Hello again, it’s Juliana Rodden here to talk about the school clubs and their current updates. The math team has a competition at Kailua high school on Saturday. Leo Club is helping their partner, the Lions club, with a shaved ice booth on Saturday for the 2023 chinatown festival.

Shane: Also next week Thursday, the BFF club is having their first bake day of 2023 and they are making sugar cookies.

That’s all for today Tigers! now look forward to next week, always posting more on the podcast, Friday at 3:00 pm.

Cheska: Signing Off!