McKinley Softball Season Comes to an End


c/o 2024 Natalia Nieves, getting ready to swing at the softball game against Kalaheo high school on Monday April 24, 2023. Photo Taken By, Aubryanna Hale

Aubryanna Hale, reporter

The girls softball season at McKinley High School has ended. Although the team lost more than they won (11-4),  the student players practiced and played hard. Many of the teammates said they wanted some more support from the school at their games as it may have encouraged them to fight and play harder.

 “One of the main reasons why I play softball is because of my fellow teammates and coaches,” Jaena Velasco  (c/o 2023) said. Velasco said that softball is a mental sport rather than a physical one and that it is nice to have coaches and teammates that support you. The team has a really close relationship with each other and that often makes it easy to play.  

BrandiePahia-Obra (c/o 2026)said she often finds that she can’t help the team much as a pitcher. During games, she sometimes feels she doesn’t have control over how it will play out and she can’t do anything about that. Knowing that the team has her back, said she feels like things will end up alright at the end. 

“The team is really supportive,” Pahia-Obra said. 

Natalia Nieves (c/o 2024) has played softball since sixth grade but had to stop playing due to COVID and moving from Florida. Once enrolled at McKinley, Nieves decided to play again and said that playing softball is hard work. 

“I often found myself doubting my ability because of an error but the team is extremely supportive,” Nieves said. She wishes that more people would come to more games to show support, as it helps encourage the team while playing. 

She also believes that more girls should try playing even if they don’t know how to play. 

Pahia-Obra echoed Nieves. She said people think they have to come with prior knowledge of how to play but that is incorrect. Pahia-Obra wants everyone to know that they are always welcome to join no matter the experience. 

“Join. We want you on the team, It doesn’t matter how much you know. We teach you how,” Pahia-Obr said.