Tadena determined for success


Cheng Hong He, reporter

Freshman Mariel Tadena’s life was during middle school. she struggled with shyness when she was little. She changed because of how in middle school some of her classes required presentations and talking in front of the class. As years went on she gained confidence.

“After going through things like national history day, science fair and additional things that required me to speak,” she said. “I officially broke out of my shell in 8th grade.”

One of the thing she is proud of is her determination to get an education.

“Growing up, I’ve always seen kids my age, complaining about all the work they have to do… I was always known to do my work,” she said. “Later on, I continued to excel in my classes, so I was able to develop good grades that have lasted me until now.”

She says that she is an independent person. 

“…I often like to do things by myself. I usually only ask for help, when I actually really need it,” she said. “I enjoy working independently because it really helps me to think outside the box or expand my thinking.”

One of  Tadena’s favorite memories is when she went to Maui for a family vacation.

“…The best thing about that whole day was not about the places we visited, but the time my family and I were able to spend with each other,” she said. “Growing up, I’ve learned that we don’t always have time for each other. So, when you actually have an opportunity, you should take it, and savor every second of it because you don’t know when the next time will happen.”