Tigers fill time in lockdown


Julia Linn, reporter

When the Department of Education canceled school for the rest of the school year and students couldn’t meet up with friends and go out, Tigers were, for the most part, home alone, wondering what to do with all this time on their hands. The Pinion surveyed students about how they were filling all this time.

“I’ve been playing video games and finishing anything assigned to me,” Freshman Sarah Dao said. “I’m also on my phone constantly reading the news.”

Students had to be self-directed by learning at home and finding ways to keep themselves busy.

“Doing work here and there but also keeping active by still walking places,” Junior Kiawe Kanekoa-Sepulona said.

People generally seemed to be going through their life basically like normal. Many survey answers consisted of sleeping, watching TV, going on their phone, and playing video games.

A lot of people said they contacted their friends online to try to keep the boredom away.

Sophomore Arian Joy Marbebe said she kept busy by “socializing with my friends through the internet.”

Many respondents said they did their homework to keep from being bored.

Sophomore Katherine Liu said she filled her time “completing homework assignments, working out, cleaning, spending time with my family, and watching movies.”

Sophomore Princess Cortes said, “I’ve been trying new recipes, I touched up on drawing, redid my dance routines from last year (as well as learning new dances from Youtube and challenging myself!)”

As summer approaches, the outside world is slowly opening up. The coronavirus is still a threat, though, so Tigers will have to continue to find ways to fill a more-than-normal amount of time at home.

Changes in structure and information were made on 5/28/2020.