What’s the Time?

Anela Chavez, Editor-in-chief

Have you ever felt rushed during recess or lunch or are you just going with the flow? Well, whether you are short on time or just fine, there are people who understand how you feel.

A lot of students want more social time. Students feel that after having more than an hour of class time that their recess should be more than ten minutes. On the other hand, some students are okay with just a ten minute break. More students find that the lengths of our breaks are short.

When it comes to lunch time, a lot of students feel that it is too short.

Sophomore Naomi Franklin said, “Lunch is too short considering how long the lunch lines can get.”

Some students will not even bother getting in line. They said that as soon as they get food, they will have to scarf it down in order to get to class on time. But of course, some students are just fine with the length of lunch.