OH! Grow Up


Althea Cunningham, reporter

I fear for our next generation of students. The freshmen and sophomores are my main point of concern. The first two years of high school are spent transitioning from the middle school environment and maturing into their teenage years. Unfortunately, I believe this pandemic has hindered students the opportunity to mature.

Last year, about half of the school students took classes fully virtual. There were fewer opportunities to connect with peers due to various factors. There were internet access problems, closed cameras, awkwardness and fear of being the only one talking. Miscommunication was also a big factor because the bell schedule changed three times last year and sometimes students were confused if there were class or not. I don’t believe the current sophomores were able to properly integrate into the high school setting. Sophomores spent an important prime transitioning year behind a screen; freshmen, who ended their middle school career virtually, are also getting a late start as Ignition and FUEL are starting in the second quarter.

Now, we’re back on campus and during the first and second quarters, there were multiple events showcasing the immaturity of many students. For example, multiple students who took part in the devious lick challenge. Where music is played while the property is stolen or damaged. Granted, not only the underclassmen took part in this challenge, but the upperclassmen should be role models and leaders that underclassmen look up to.

Multiple bathrooms around campus are closed down because students are getting caught vaping, vandalizing, and loitering. Our principal says there’s a time and place for everything, but the school setting is not an appropriate time or place.

These immature acts only reflect one’s character, as well as those who just let it slide. It’s not only on the freshmen and sophomores to “grow up”. Juniors and Seniors need to step up and be better role models for the next generation. We were once in their place, as kids fresh out of middle school, who learned to leave the chaos behind. We need to do our best for the freshmen and sophomores so they can follow and do the same, for when we leave it will be the freshmen and sophomores who take our place after that, and it will be them who the next freshmen and sophomores look up to. If the current freshmen and sophomores stay the same without guide or discipline, who knows what other unsightly trends or acts may happen?