Footballers in play-offs

Kelsey David, reporter

Our football players were caught grinning on the night of October 14, showing their pride in winning this year’s homecoming game. While the Tigers also won last year’s homecoming, the victory this year earned the varsity team a spot in the play-offs.

The competition was heavy in the air as the Kalaheo Mustangs met with the Tigers at Roosevelt’s football field. The night began with the Junior Varsity proudly scoring the first few points. While both teams seemed to give it their all, the JV took the game with a more than satisfying score of 16-0.

As Varsity entered the field, the audience showed their support with the help of the band, the cheerleaders, and a few returning alumni who participated in the night’s events.

“The homecoming court and banners looked really nice,” said Deborah Malaga (10). “It was raining a lot, but I had a lot of fun anyways.”

Varsity took the lead by making an early touchdown in the first quarter. As the night went on, the Tigers kept the score rising with a steady pace. With the scoreboard at 40-0 in the Tiger’s favor, the crowd cheered as McKinley took victory.

Ivan Nguyen (10) said, “It was awesome seeing all those people in the crowd supporting us. I’m pumped that we’re in the play-offs. We’re bringing it back!”

Micheal Tom (11) was very happy about the homecoming win this year.

“We haven’t made it to play-offs in a while, and it’s good to know that we have a chance to compete this year.”