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  • What a start for a school year! And it is The Pinion's Centennial.

Ratonel organizes voter registration drive

Junior Priscilla Ratonel recently held a voter registration drive at McKinley.

Thai Bui, head reporter

March 17, 2020

Junior Priscilla Perey Ratonel organized a voter registration drive.  Ratonel organized the drive because she wanted to give back to the community and help people create a society that they want to live in. The voter registration drive took place under T building in September at lunch time. Ratonel ...

From pitch to print: The Pinion writing process

Various staff members from 2019 read the final print product after distributing to the classes.

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

March 13, 2020

Articles have the power to share news, opinions, other people’s stories and so much more within a page of text.The possibilities are endless and reporters are given so much freedom when it comes to topics to write about. The writing process is the steps a reporter takes to turn a story idea into ...

McKinley students share thoughts of dating

Many people have thought about their future and who they want to have a romantic relationship with.

Kelly Cheng, reporter

March 9, 2020

Most people at some point in their life develop romantic feelings for someone, but dating is not always an easy process. “[What I know about dating are] two people have interests in each other so they come together and date. I think there are different kinds of dating. There is dating to get to...

Hall of Honor inductee reflects on years at McKinley

Hall of Honor inductee Leilani Okuda reflects upon her years as a McKinley High School student.

An Vo, editor

February 23, 2020

Until this year, Leilani Okuda was highlighted for umpiring at the Olympics. Now she can add onto her titles Hall of Honor member. She was inducted during an assembly in McKinley High School’s gymnasium on Jan. 31. Okuda was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She attended Kauluwela Elementary...

Baja remembers costume contest

Have you found your defining moment at McKinley High School?

Nyler Acasio, head reporter

February 9, 2020

During your time here in McKinley High School, you will find your “moment,” or something you will remember as the most memorable thing you have done. You might even collect memories for every school year. Meet sophomore Hoku Baja. He’s on his way to collecting lots of high school memories. Baj...

McKinley community share fears

Some people fear one type of thing more than others. Which fear do you have?

Thai Bui, head reporter

February 9, 2020

Fear is a thing that everyone has, an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat, according to the Oxford dictionary. Fear comes from the amygdala, which is located in the brain. Phobia is another word for fear, but to an extreme...

Tiger Interact Club beautifies campus

Tiger Interact Club picked up litter around campus and preserved a clean school.

An Vo, editor

February 2, 2020

The Tiger Interact Club cleaned up litter on McKinley High School’s campus after school on Jan. 13. “After picking up the trash; the campus was cleaner. It’s always the little things that we want the students to see,” senior Leemo Taula said. When Ron Okamura became the principal of McKinley...

Nip retires after 47 years of teaching

Chinese teacher Alvin Nip tinkers with fans and other machines in his spare time.

Ryan Vanairsdale, editor

December 18, 2019

If you walk into Chinese teacher Alvin Nip’s room, the first thing you may notice are all the fans he has. These aren’t new fans; they were broken. One thing Nip is known for is how he fixes these fans and gets them back in working order for teachers. “I like to tinker with things… When I w...

Guy returns to teach at McKinley

Guy returns to teach at McKinley

Cherisa Skinny, reporter

December 17, 2019

De'Laine Guy is a returning science teacher at McKinley High School. She looks forward to learning new things and seeing her students grow each year. “I look forward to learning new and exciting skills through professional development and sharing, motivating, and encouraging students,” she ...

Meet Laverne Moore

Meet Laverne Moore

Sairin Skinny, reporter

December 16, 2019

Laverne Moore has been teaching at McKinley High School since 2001. She has fifty years of teaching experience. She became a teacher because her mother wouldn’t sign a consent form for her to be a pilot in the Air Force. Born on the day of the first sugar strike, Laverne Moore spent her early ye...