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Future Farmers of America Cultivates Tigers

Future Farmers of America Cultivates Tigers

Amoreena Godoy, reporter

March 1, 2019

McKinley High School’s Future Farmers of America chapter have just completed their first competition of the school year. The focus of FFA is to create positive differences in the lives of students by developing the potential of outstanding leadership, personal growth, and career success through agri...

In depth look at Culinary Academy

Mr. Cabrera watching Isabella Eugenio cut potatoes

Mari Faufata-Pedrina, reporter

February 27, 2019

Anthony Cabrera is the culinary teacher for McKinley High School. Cabrera teaches his students kitchen safety, cleaning skills, knife skills, etc. Cabrera does cooking demonstrations and the students cook three to five times per quarter. “Culinary is fun," Cabrera said. He said that students sho...

The impact of social media on teens

Instagram is one of the more popular social media platforms students use.

Kelvin Ku, assistant editor

January 24, 2019

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are widely popular with users all over the world and used on a daily basis. It would be extremely rare to find a person unaware of these platforms today and they have become a core part of a majority of people's daily lives. Altho...

Celebrating with holiday traditions

photo by Alexandria Buchanan

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

December 19, 2018

As the year comes to a close, families and friends join together and celebrate the holiday season. December is full of cheerful people celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and the endless possibilities the incoming year may bring. Their are many ways to observe these special occasions, and many families...

Lokahi fights loneliness in senior homes

Members of Lokahi take Aunty Violet, one of the seniors at Kulana Hale, horseback riding to fulfill her Grand WIsh. 
photo contributed by Mayele Bautista

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

December 12, 2018

The holiday season is the time of year when families and friends get together to celebrate. For many, it is a time of happiness, but for those without anybody to spend the holidays with, it can get lonely. Especially for the senior citizens who are alone in their elderly homes, unable to see their lov...

The fate of Fortnite

Fortnite has rapidly gained popularity this year and has a large number of players from around the world. 
photo by Flickr

Ryan Vanairsdale, editor

December 4, 2018

Fortnite is a free to play battle royale game that experienced a massive growth in players around late 2017 to now, and it continues to grow. In August of 2018, Fortnite was recorded as having nearly 80 million players. The growth and demographic can be compared to that of Minecraft, which experienced a...

Students start college preparation process

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

November 15, 2018

As many students are realizing, the four years of high school go by extremely quickly. Before you know it you’ll be graduating and going out to the real world, but before that comes a lot of preparing, especially if you plan to further your education by enrolling in college. Junior Ngoc Nguyen is...

McKinley’s new math teacher plays games

Jason Yadao, the adviser for LEO Club, supervised his students at a beach clean up at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Kelvin Ku, assistant editor

October 30, 2018

One of this year's new math teachers, Jason Yadao, is only 24 years old. He is known by his students to be relatable and friendly and is well-liked by many of his students. "Mr. Yadao is particularly more easy to talk to than other teachers. He's more open. Also, he's closer of an age to us, making hi...

McKinley Tiger becomes semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship

Senior Jeremy Xu is a semifinalist for the National  Merit Scholarship competition.

Thompson Wong, design editor

September 23, 2018

Every year, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation selects students with high PSAT scores as semifinalists for its nationwide academic competition. This year, one of McKinley High School’s very own has been named as a semifinalist in recognition of his achievements. The results were publicly announced on Septe...

McKinley Drivers Ed Program Prepares Students For Future

Marietta Teramoto, staff reporter

May 18, 2018

McKinley High School offers a drivers education program. Those in the program said getting your driver’s license during high school is important. Senior Vanessa Khamkhay said she thinks having a driver’s license is a sign of independence. “You don’t have to walk as much. You don’t have to...