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‘Good student’ gets defined 

Aidan Sakaio, reporter

May 17, 2017

What are the traits that define a good student? According to a few students around McKinley High School, a good student is defined by the following traits. Freshman Tri Huynh said, “A good student is someone who makes sure they do all of their work.” Someone who people look up to ca...

Using social media the way you want

Art by Lacey Hayashi.

Lacey Hayashi, reporter

May 14, 2017

Social media is popular among teenagers and adults. Its purpose differs for each person. Senior Tyler Momohara said he uses social media to talk to others and spread news. Momohara said social media represents freedom because on social media people can say how they feel when they feel a...

Dating in high school, pros/cons

Art by Aidan Sakaio.

Eileen Wang, reporter

May 13, 2017

Teens love romance. Just look at the popularity of Nicholas Sparks’ books. “I think the relationships in high school are the best experi- ences,” senior Yuting Zhang said, “because it is simple and nobody cares about the benefits they could get from each other.” Having a rela...

Summer reading is time well spent

Fun Fact: Reading reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Sonya Park Smith, reporter

May 12, 2017

With summer fast approaching, students are looking forward to putting away the books. However, it is important for students to read over the summer. “We’ve all experienced the moment you’re done with school (and) you forget everything by the first day of the next year,” English tea...

Teacher effectiveness plays role in student achievement

English teacher Jude Waterman explains the American Literature textbook to junior Carol Vo and Michelle Huynh (left to right).

Eileen Wang, reporter

May 11, 2017

“Research using student scores on standardized tests confirms the common perception that some teachers are more effective than others and also reveals that being taught by an effective teacher has important consequences for student achievement.” RAND Education Corporation “[Being effec...

What it takes to be a great leader

May 10, 2017

According to Google, a leader is a person that leads or commands a group, organization, or country. There are average leaders and then there are great leaders. “The difference is how much effort the person puts in his whole self into it,“ senior Jerome Cruz said. Cruz said it takes...

Public speaking: Easier than you thought possible

Speech team at Parker School on the Big Island for the Neighbor Island Tournament (NIT). Photo contributed by Naomi Franklin.

Anela Chavez, Editor-in-chief

May 9, 2017

McKinley High School’s speech team is a place to make friends and enhance public speaking and performance skills. Although they originally had a debate aspect to their team, this year they ended up only focusing on speech. “Once you start, you get hooked and then it just snowballs unti...

What it means to be an adult

What it means to be an adult

Lacey Hayashi, reporter

March 15, 2017

An adult can be defined socially, legally and biologically. Socially means it is based on opinions. Legally, a child is an adult at 18. Biologically, when they reach puberty, they are adults. At the legal age of 18 people can legally consume and buy alcohol, vote legitimately, get tattoos and get married. F...

Food service manager answers questions about school lunch

Mitch Arnold is McKinley High School’s food service manager. He has worked at McKinley High since 1995.

Dawson Langinbelik and Aidan Sakaio

March 14, 2017

Q: During the freshmen assembly, one of the administrators said that McKinley serves the best food. What do you think about that? Arnold: I take great pride in what we do for you folks. This is why I, and I’m not really an “I” person, try to provide the best we can for you folks. I mean no oth...

How To Best Guess On Multiple Choice Tests

Aidan Sakaio, reporter

March 13, 2017

Nobody likes tests, but there is a strategy that can help you pass multiple choice quizzes. When you are having trouble with a multiple choice test, there are a number of things that you should consider before filling in the bubble. First, you should consider what you already know. If you know anyth...